Welcome to my first blog post! I have joined the Daily Painting movement and I’m excited to start showing my artwork again. Years ago I studied Chinese Kung Fu and the first thing we learned was a gesture of respect. I don’t recall the name of this gesture but you placed your open left palm over your closed right fist in front of your body and bowed. We did this upon entering and leaving the training hall, when we addressed our Sifu (instructor), and to other students before sparring. The reason we did this was to show respect for our teacher, our teacher’s teachers, and every teacher who came before, understanding that it takes the knowledge of generations to get to where you are today. This made a huge impact on my life as I realized how much knowledge in the fine arts has been past down the same way, from masters to students, and so on, making me who I am today. There is no gesture like this in art to show respect, so I created my own. I leave the first page in all my sketchbooks blank, and decided to start my blog in a similar way. I am not posting art today in honor of all my teachers and everyone who has come before me. Thank you for all the knowledge you have given me. I hope I can share my skills and abilities in the same way.